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Evaporative Air Conditioning, Generally known as Air cooling is an ancient system of comfort conditioning and the same method was also used for cooling drinking water and for preservation of food. With the advent of Refrigerated Airconditioning, Evaporative system had taken a back seat. Even then there are recorded evidences of Evaporative Cooling system being continuously used in Arizona and California from 19th Century.

In 1906 it was patented by Dr.Willis H Carrier, then the Chief Engineer of Buffalo Forge Company and later the founder of famous Carrier Corporation of America. In 1911 he presented his “Rational Psychometric Formulas” creating an accurate basis for Evaporative Cooling and Air Conditioning thereafter. Thus Evaporative Cooling as per the book published by John R.Watt on the subject, is the direct ancestor of systematic Air Conditioning today.

In 1939 University of Arizona college of Agriculture conducted experiments to find optimum designs and published papers. By 1953 the Evaporator coolers spread out of the South-West to as far as North in Canada and as distant as Australia. In India it was mostly applied for Mill Humidification and domestic type Air Coolers.

The inside conditions obtained by using the Central Evaporative Cooling System is highly satisfactory. Cost of Refrigerated Air Conditioning being What it is, In its initial cost, working cost and maintenance cost, it becomes increasingly difficult to adopt that system for comfort conditioning. Therefore, the very effective alternative for human comfort is Central Evaporative Cooling. In hot and dry climatic conditions, which prevails in many parts of India, Evaporative Cooling is ideal for human comforts. The Evaporative Cooling of air is achieved by the evaporation of water and the effectiveness of the Plant is dependent on the prevailing ambient Wet Bulb temperature.

Evaporative Cooling system is widely welcomed and extensively used in several States. In fact, we ourselves have designed and installed more than 450 Plants in 265 Projects spread over Ten States such as Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu where varied climatic conditions prevails.

Excepting in applications where Controlled Temperature and Relative Humidity is required for a specific purpose, central Evaporative Cooling Plant is best suited for summer comfort conditioning for the following reasons:

   a) Low initial cost.
   b) Low operating Cost.
   c) Low maintenance cost.
   d) Lesser power requirement.
   e) Freshness because of 100% fresh air.
   f) Doors and windows need not to be kept closed.
   g) No environmental pollution.

When energy crisis is threatening the whole country, enormous amount of energy can be saved by installing Evaporative Cooling Plant for comfort conditioning. Unlike refrigerated Air Conditioning there is absolutely no risk of environmental pollution since the cooling media is only water.

Apart from Human comforts, we have also installed these systems for special application in Factories, with 5 Micron Filters, where dust control is essential and also in a huge Meditation Hall measuring 15,000 sft at Mount Abu, where a very low noise level is maintained. As also kalyana Mandapam of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba measuring 21,500 sft, Auditorium and Museum of Akshradham Temple at Gadhinagar, Ahmedabad measuring 40,000 sft, several offices with computers from 5,000 sft to 25,000 sft., printing press with imported machines from 10000 sft to 30000 sft and Textile showroom in Hyderabad, Krishnagiri, Housur and Salem from 10,000 sft to 20,000 sft. Brahmakumaris main kichen catering 25,000 persons exhaust and fresh air 15,000 sft.

We have successfully installed Central Evaporative Cooling Plaints, with certain modifications, in humid places like Rajahmundry, Palakole and Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, Badagara near Calicut in Kerala, Bhiwandi and Ulasanagar in Mumbai where the users are extremely happy and we have already received repeat enquiries / orders from these places.

Description of System: Centrifugal Blower will be installed upstream of the Spray chamber in the plant room. The blower will draw outside fresh air and force it through the spray chamber and specially designed eliminator plates to a plenum. It will then be supplied to the areas to be conditioned through ducting. The air from the conditioned area will be allowed to escape through controlled openings in the doors etc. or exhausted through exhaust fans

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